Space and Time – “Burning the Little Match Girl”

Space and Time Magazine featuring Burning the Little Match Girl by Tina StarrThe Fall 2015 issue of Space and Time features science fiction story “Burning the Little Match Girl” by Tina Starr.

Space and Time is a four-decade-old publication that’s a must for true fans of Strange and Unusual fiction, poetry, and art. Readers can look forward to stories from the future stars of genre fiction intermingled with unique tales from pros like Jeffrey Ford, Norman Spinrad, Jack Ketchum, and CJ Henderson.”

Daughters of Icarus – “Girl of Prey”

Daughters of Icarus, featuring "Girl of Prey" by Tina StarrPink Narcissus Press’s science fiction and fantasy anthology Daughters of Icarus is available now. Contains feminist-themed spec fic stories including “Girl of Prey” by Tina Starr.

“Speculative fiction takes us to the moon and beyond, but where would women go if they had the wheel? These 28 authors have an idea, and the destinations are spectacular. From post-apocalyptic Earth to alien landscapes, these short stories explore imaginary worlds through the lens of feminism, revealing what could be for better and for worse. These provocative ideas give us a new way to look at our society…and at women.”

Into the Darkness – “Freak Face”

Into the Darkness, featuring "Freak Face" by Tina StarrFeaturing horror short story “Freak Face” by Tina Starr.

Into the Darkness was first published as a magazine in the mid-1990s by David G. Barnett, and included stories by now-respected names in the horror fiction world: Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, John Everson, Gerard Houarner, D.F. Lewis and dozens more. After only five issues, Necro stopped the magazine, and focused on books. We’ve now resurrected Into the Darkness in this all-new anthology series of dark, brutal, unrelenting horror fiction from new and established authors alike. We hope you enjoy reading the series as much as we enjoy finding new voices in modern horror.”